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Best Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Faridabad

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Most Effective & Best Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Faridabad by PRIMELASE

The Skin House offers a very effective & best permanent laser hair removal treatment in Faridabad. This branded machine PRIMELASE uses triple wavelengths, making it effective on all skin & hair types.

Whether you are looking for full body laser hair removal or any small section like face & upper lips only or full legs, arms, chest or back, treatment always starts from consultation with Dr. Sanchika Gupta.

Unwanted hair can be embarrassing especially for those people who face the issue of excessive hair growth. To get rid of such unwanted hair we resort to various methods the first of which were the hair removal creams.

Hair removal is quite a time consuming and sometimes irritating as well. Moreover, the traditional methods of hair removal such as creams, shaving, tweezing, and waxing not only provide temporary results but sometimes results in physical pain such as wounds, razor cuts, burns, cuts, rashes, etc.

We, therefore, are always on the lookout for permanent solutions that can solve the issue of unwanted hair with absolutely zero physical pain.

To cater to the needs of the people, laser hair removal technology was introduced that aims at eliminating unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal technology involves the use of laser beams that target hair pigments or hair follicles.

The laser beams destroy the melanin that delays or stops the growth of new hair. The main benefit associated with laser hair removal technology is the fact that it provides a permanent and long-lasting solution to unwanted hair.

Why PRIMELASE permanent laser hair reduction?

Management of Hirsutism Cases


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Laser hair removal is one of the most demanding cosmetic treatments today available in the market.

PRIMELASE is one of the most fastest and effective medical permanent hair removal treatments.

PRIMELASE involves the usage of advanced diode laser technology that effectively aids in permanent hair removal. The high-powered beam of light used by PRIMELASE precisely targets the fine hair follicles underneath the skin that destroys the melanin thereby stopping the growth of new hair.

Patented technology

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PRIMELASE is deemed to be the most powerful diode laser for the hair removal procedure. It reduces the treatment time along with providing the maximum result.

PRIMELASE has a patented cool freeze system that ensures a comfortable, safe, and effective hair removal treatment for all skin types. Moreover, the patented technology of PRIMELASE also offers a painless dynamic mode that works effectively on tanned skin as well.

Combined wavelengths

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Multiple wavelengths for every skin type, hair color, hair type & hair density

PRIMELASE offers laser hair removal applicator with combined wavelengths that include 810nm, 940nm, 1060nm.

This combination creates perfect balance for effective treatment of dark phototypes (III-IV a VI). This kind of combination of 3 wavelengths makes this machine very powerful on the treatment side & makes treatment very convenient & effective for the patient.

810nm wavelength provides strong absorption efficiency &  1060nm wavelength adds the excellent safety feature of the machine. Moreover, this combination is excellent to treat all hair type, hair density and skins types which include dark skin as well.

Ultra short pulse

PRIMELASE involves the usage of ultra-short pulse technology that allows for the delivery of high pulses in larger spots thereby providing a desirous outcome within minimum time.

Maximum speed

PRIMELASE provides a high speed of 10Hz laser hair removal technology that provides full coverage to the legs in just ten minutes while the full-back takes only eight minutes for completion of the laser treatment.

Crystal freeze




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The innovative crystal freeze technology of PRIMELASE constantly keeps the tip of the machine (which is constantly in touch with the skin) at five degrees Celsius that provides the patients with painless laser hair removal experience.

Moreover, the crystal freeze technology of PRIMELASE works with a higher power that provides better coverage of larger areas within a short time.

How it works

PRIMELASE works by applying high beam laser lights that are targeted at hair follicles on the parts to be treated. The laser beam lights result in thermal destruction of the hair follicles or hair growth cells that delay and prevent the regrowth of new hair thereby providing the patients with long-term results.





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PRIMELASE offers numerous benefits that account for its popularity in the market.

Some of the benefits associated with PRIMELASE includes the following:

a. Effective and safe for all skin types
b. Comfortable and faster laser hair removal procedure
c. Efficiently treats lighter and fine hair
d. Pain free hair removal treatment
e. c. Low maintenance and high reliability
f. affordability

Why permanent laser hair removal is getting such popularity?

Laser hair removal not only provides effective and efficient solutions but also long-term results that account for the huge popularity of this technology.

Moreover, laser hair removal also brings in various other benefits that further add to its huge demand. Laser hair removal can be done on any part of the body including legs, chest, back, bikini area, and underarms.

Laser hair removal eliminates the need for endless stocks of razors, wax, costly salon appointments, shaving cream, etc thereby aiding in saving those extra bucks.

How to prepare for laser hair reduction treatment?

If one wishes to get laser hair removal it is of foremost importance to visit a professional who
is a specialist in either cosmetic surgery or dermatology and holds experience in laser hair
removal procedures.
For getting the best and most comfortable results from laser hair removal it is essential to
prepare oneself accordingly as per the directions of your physician.
The physician will offer specific instructions that might include:
●  Avoiding blood-thinning medications- Before the laser hair removal procedure, one is advised to refrain from taking any blood-thinning medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin.
●  Staying out from the sun-Sun damage or sun allergy can damage the skin cells which will complicate the process of laser hair removal or result in skin damage after the treatment. One must avoid getting exposed to direct sun rays before and after the procedure. Whenever you are stepping out make it a point to apply a sunscreen that will protect the skin from any sun damage.
● Refrain from bleaching the skin– Bleaching results in lightening of the hairs that make the laser hair removal process difficult. The darker the hair is, the easier it is for the laser to detect them.
● Avoiding other hair removal products – Before getting on board with laser hair removal one must avoid indulging in other hair removal methods such as electrolysis, plucking, or waxing since these methods can disturb the hair follicle resulting in complications in the procedure. Such hair removal methods must be avoided at least for four weeks before getting the treatment done.
● Avoid any sort of tanning– Fake tan or suntan right before the laser hair removal process can prove to be dangerous for the skin. If the skin is tanned during the treatment the upper layer of the skin may get burned during the procedure.

What happens during laser hair removal?

During laser hair removal a concentrated beam of light or laser is emitted from a device which is then targeted at the hair. The light energy emitted from the laser beam is converted to heat energy that damages the tube-shaped sacs situated within the skin known as hair follicles that results in the growth and production of hair.

The destruction of the hair follicles underneath the skin results in the prevention of further hair growth on the treated parts. Before the start of the treatment, the area to be treated is cleansed properly to remove any residues or dirt from the surface.

Moreover, in some cases, numbing gels are also used to numb the surface especially in the case of those who have sensitive skin.

After care

Laser hair removal is a professional procedure conducted by a dermatologist for the removal of unwanted hair from areas that include the face, underarms, etc.

This process involves the usage of laser beams that destroy the hair follicles thereby preventing further growth of hair. Laser hair removal requires certain effective aftercare that aims to reduce the risks of after-effects and possible damages that it can cause to the skin.

A careful aftercare regime involves the following simple hassle-free process:

Safeguarding the skin from the sun

During laser hair removal the skin is exposed to laser beams that destroy the hair follicles thereby making the skin sensitive temporarily.

During this phase exposure of the skin to direct sun rays can result in some damage to the skin. Therefore it is recommended to avoid the sun at least for a month before and after the procedure.

After a while whenever you are stepping out an application of sunscreen lotion with a good level of SPF especially on the treated area will reduce any further chances of damage or irritation on the skin.

Refrain from using tanning lotions and body scrubs

Even though tanning lotions are harmless yet they can irritate the treated skin. Moreover, it can also result in burns, bumps, and rashes. Along with tanning lotions, body scrubs should also be avoided on the treated skin for at least a few days after treatment since the harsh granules can irritate the treated skin which becomes a bit sensitive temporarily. 

Application of cool compress on the treated portion 

Application of cool compressor on the treated part helps in minimizing any after-effects of the treatment especially burning or stinging and redness.

Moreover, a cool compressor also aids in reducing the temporary swelling. Therefore it is advisable to apply a cool compress by wetting a soft and clean cloth with cold water and then place it on the treated skin several times a day.

Apart from the cloth, one can also prefer to use ice packs as well. 

Avoid the use of perfumes and fragrances on the treated portion 

After getting done with laser hair removal one must refrain from using any perfumes, deos, or any other fragrance on the treated parts. The fragrances consist of chemicals that can result in discoloration of the skin, skin redness, and irritation.

Side effects if any?

Laser hair removal is popular among the masses who wish to have a permanent hair removal solution. The laser hair removal process prevents the hair follicles from growing new hairs.

Even though this procedure provides a long-term effective solution yet there are certain side effects associated with this treatment.

Before embarking upon the journey for laser hair removal it is crucial to gain an insight into the various side effects of this treatment which are usually temporary.

  • Changes in skin color– Some people might experience a slight change in their skin color after the treatment. People with lighter skin might experience dark pigmentation on the treated area while people with dark skin are prone to lighter pigmentation. However such changes are temporary and fades away within weeks after the treatment. 
  • Irritation and redness– Laser treatment destroys the hair follicles to prevent the growth of new hair. Due to this many people face irritation and redness in the treated areas. However such symptoms are usually short-lived and subside within a few days of treatment. 
  • Crusting– After the treatment, some people develop skin crusting that leads to scarring and scabbing. Even though this issue is a minor one yet it can cause inconvenience. This side-effect of laser hair removal can easily be handled with the application of moisturizer on the treated parts. 
  • Risk of skin infection– Many face skin infections after a laser hair removal session. People should report any sign of infection immediately to their dermatologist. Based on the level and type of infection the dermatologist or physician will prescribe the required medicine to counter this side-effect. 
  • Eye Injury- The laser removal process involves the laser beams that have a risk of potentially damage to the eyes especially when the treatment is carried out on the face.

Therefore both the practitioner and the person receiving the treatment should wear protective eye equipment to prevent injury to the eyes during the treatment.

Best Candidate




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While deciding upon the criteria for the best candidate several factors are taken into consideration. Lasers are a type of pulsing light that is very intense.

These lights target the hair follicle or melanin in the skin that imparts color to the hair. The targeting of the melanin on the parts to be treated breaks down the hair follicle destroying them in the process without causing any damage to the skin.

The specific skin type and hair texture are the major factors that decide upon the idealness of a candidate for the purpose of laser hair removal treatment. 

Not every laser hair removal machine is as effective on all skin types & hair type as the PRIMELASE due to its quality & 3-in-1 feature.

Skin color

People with light to medium skin tone are considered to be the best candidates for laser hair removal. Light skin color usually has darker hair that makes it easier for the laser beams to detect the hair follicles. In short, the greater the contrast between the skin and hair color the better is the candidature for laser hair removal. Blond skin colors with fine hair are not easily targeted by the lasers. 

Hair texture

While looking into the best candidature for laser hair removal the hair texture also plays a crucial role. Candidates with coarse and dark hair are considered to be the ideal ones. Fine hair does not respond that well with laser beams.

How many sessions are required? 

The biological factors play an important role in deciding the number of sessions that one needs to get satisfactory results from laser hair removal.

Most people need somewhere between two to six laser hair removal sessions to completely and permanently get rid of hair.

Moreover, it is recommended to visit the dermatologist at least once a year after the treatment for maintenance purposes. 

How long will the hair removal by laser last? 

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic and non-invasive procedure aimed at the permanent removal of unwanted hair.

For some people, laser hair removal has a permanent effect while some face a non-permanent effect owing to various factors such as the area under treatment and fluctuating hormone levels.

To determine the lasting duration of laser hair removal on a person one first needs to understand the growth pattern of human hair. 

  • Hair growth stages– Hair goes through four main basic stages of growth namely anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen. Laser hair removal works by removing the hairs below the skin and from the root. For this reason, the laser beams can only target hairs at the anagen or the growing phase, and hence it requires multiple sessions spaced apart at certain intervals to completely get rid of all the hair at the growing phase.
  • Regrowth of hair on the face – On the face laser hair removal is not usually permanent but long-lasting. Some people report re-growth of facial hairs somewhere after ten years of the treatment while others experience re-growth in a short time after treatment and have to go through routine touch-ups (1-2 sessions annually) to keep the unwanted facile hair at bay.
  • Regrowth on the body- Many individuals witness hair on their bodies during the treatment. Some of these hairs grow back but most of them are the ones that have not been treated with laser beams yet. After the completion of all the required sessions, one might not see any re-growth for many years. In some individuals, over time some hair grows back however these hairs will be fine and thin.

What to take care of while deciding the clinic and procedure?

If you have made up your mind to go for laser hair removal it is of utmost importance to opt for the best clinic and professional who hold both expertise and experience in this field. 

A dermatology clinic is the best to visit for consultation and procedure

To ensure a successful and smooth hair removal treatment it is advisable to visit a dermatology clinic for consultation and treatment.

Since dermatologists hold expertise in the field of human skin concerns they hold the technical knowledge and training to perform laser hair removal procedures.

As experts in skin concerns, dermatologists will prescribe preventive measures as per the requirement of the individual that allows smooth progress in the procedure of laser hair removal. 

Branded machine is advised for the procedure and desired outcome

Along with consulting with the best clinic and professional for laser hair removal it is of equal importance to ensure that branded machines are used for the procedure to get the desired outcome.

The branded machines not only come with a long-lasting feature but these are also embedded with the latest technology that ensures smooth completion of the process of laser hair removal. 

Is laser hair removal at home equally effective?

In contrast to laser hair removal devices used by professionals in their clinics the at-home laser hair removal devices utilizes intense pulsed light.

Even though these devices are referred to as home lasers they usually do not qualify as actual lasers. The potency provided by the at-home laser hair removal devices is comparatively low than the professional ones.

These devices provide lower intensity with lower effectiveness that usually do not provide long-lasting effects.

While engaging in laser hair removal at home many people have witnessed a much faster re-growth of hair. 


Is the treatment permanent?

Laser hair removal works by heating the hair follicles which stops the growth of new hair. The laser beam destroys the hair follicles which puts them under a state of dormancy for a longer duration. With laser hair removal technology permanent hair reduction is achieved after years of continuous laser touch-ups that completely destroy the hair follicles. 

Should I shave before laser hair removal?

The laser beam can react with the hair on the skin surface since the hair absorbs the laser radiations that can result in thermal injury on the skin. Therefore it is always advisable to shave the area to be treated before the appointment for laser hair removal procedure.

Removing all the hair from the parts to be treated will result in deeper penetration of laser beam to the hair follicles resulting in effective destruction of the hair follicles thereby providing long-term unwanted hair removal results. 

Any other serious side effects like cancer?

Many are of the view that cancer is one of the long-term effects of laser hair removal. However, this is just a myth since laser hair removal is performed by trained and experienced professionals and hence there is no risk of cancer involved in the procedure of laser hair removal. 

Is the PRIMELASE painful?

PRIMELASE is one of the fast and more effective diode hair removal treatments that apply a high-powered laser beam on the targeted hair follicles that stops the growth of new hair. The laser hair removal treatment provided by PRIMELASE is not painful however in some cases it can cause a bit of discomfort especially for those having sensitive skin. 

Does PRIMELASE work on white hair?

PRIMELASE provides three types of wavelengths to customize hair removal treatments suited for all skin types. However, it does not work on white hairs since white hairs do not have any pigment and therefore the laser beams are ineffective on them. 

Does laser hair removal improve skin?

Laser hair removal involves the use of laser beams that not only aims at destroying the hair follicles but also remove sun spots, tanning, freckles while evening out the skin tone.

After a certain time, there occurs a considerable improvement in the skin texture thereby providing one with both hair-free and smooth skin. 

Skincare after laser hair removal

Skincare after laser hair removal requires certain precautionary simple steps that minimize the risk of side effects or skin infections.

These after-care steps include avoiding direct exposure to the sun since the harmful sun rays can result in redness and swelling on the treated parts.

Moreover one must also refrain from using perfumes, deos, commercial lotions, tanning creams, etc on the treated parts.

To reduce redness and swelling on the treated parts one must apply a cold compress at regular intervals several times a day.

Do we need touch-ups? 

Laser hair removal technology is an effective treatment that provides long-lasting results. However, just like other cosmetic surgery laser hair removal sometimes requires touch-ups annually that will ensure optimal results after the initial treatment.

However touch-up after laser hair removal is not a necessary process. It usually depends on various factors the major of which is the rate of regrowth of new hair that differs from person to person. 

How long will the procedure take per session?

A laser hair removal session normally takes around sixty minutes or even less depending upon the size of the area under treatment. The smaller the area is the lesser time it takes.

For instance, for the upper lip portion, it takes usually one to two minutes while the underarm area requires anything between five to seven minutes.

While on the other hand, larger areas such as full legs, arms, back, etc require somewhere between thirty to forty minutes of duration. 

What happens after 1 session of laser hair reduction?

After the first session of the laser hair removal treatment for the first 24 to 48 hours, patients may experience skin irritation and redness since the laser treatment leaves the skin temporarily sensitive.

A week after the first session one notices certain hair shedding which should not be taken as regrowth.

Moreover, after three to four months of the first session, the patient will notice an almost fifty percent reduction in hair growth on the treated parts.

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