Dr. Sanchika Gupta (Dermatologist) | Dr. Sanchika Gupta (Dermatologist / Trichologist)

Dr. Sanchika Gupta (Dermatologist) | Dr. Sanchika Gupta (Dermatologist / Trichologist)

Names of the Best Dermal Fillers Available in the Indian Market

There are two main types of skin fillers: ones that contain HA and those that stimulate collagen production. The most effective in the HA fillers group include:

Juvederm is the most popular of all three, and it is available in 3 concentrations, depending on the area, needs, and expectations of the recipients.

Radiesse is an excellent pick in the collagen stimulation group fillers. It is best for people wanting more striking effects, and it both stimulates collagen production and has an elastic gel matrix that volumizes your skin and lessens signs of aging. Like other skin fillers, the results it produces are instant.

It’s important to realize that getting headlines doesn’t always make for amazing results! Do not get carried away by fillers presented as pinnacles of beauty creation in fashion magazines or praised by some practitioners as they are often heralded by paid for by the manufacturer.

Your best type of filler will be decided by assessing your skin’s facial needs, areas of construction, and expectations.

Comparing Juvederm and other Skin Fillers

Anyone would want to look their best and till the maximum, they can. To impel this impulse of looking younger and defy the cycle of aging, dermal fillers give great gear for restoring your youthful appearance.

Juvederm is available in the market in different variants for different purposes. There are also other options for soft tissue augmentations available.

So how do you know which filler is right for you?

We will help you understand the comparison between Juvederm and other Skin fillers so that you can understand whether Juvederm or other skin filler is right for you.

Juvederm is most preferred amongst patients and physicians too because it contains lidocaine, which is a form of local anesthetic that makes the process more comfortable.

Juvederm works superbly for multiple areas, including parenthesis lines (nasolabial areas), lips, and the entire mid-face.

Juvederm Voluma is the first skin filler approved by the US FDA for volumization of the mid-face (cheek) and is the first Hyaluronic Acid based filler to bear a claim of a 2-year duration of effect on its label.

Unlike collagen products, Juvederm contains HA, which is a natural compound found in your skin. This makes it more workable, natural, and safe.

In comparison to Restylane, Juvederm lasts a little longer. Although both contain HA, Restylane, the lasting period of Restylane ranges from six to nine months, while Juvederm can last 9 to 18 months because it has a higher concentration of HA.

In addition, most patients experienced Juvederm to settle in more smoothly following the treatment, and it produces relatively less puffiness the initial few days after treatment.

However, there are certain facial areas, such as the under eyes, where Restylane works better and is a preferred choice because it doesn’t draw water as much as Juvederm, producing increased puffiness.

Compared to other skin fillers, Juvederm has possibly less potential to cause complications, lumps, or bumps at the treated site.

For example, administering fat injections would look like a natural choice, but this can be arbitrary. Final results do not last as long, and you can expect two weeks of swelling. Fillers like Sculptra and Radiesse are more subjected to bumpiness.

On a whole, Juvederm is a wonderful, multi-tasking skin filler, offering lasting results and few risks.

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